More than 33 years experience in providing specialty ingredients for successful everyday products!

…and it all started with the vision to bring change!

AVEL our history - η ιστορία μας
  • 1987

    A fascinating journey begins!

    AVEL is founded by a passionate young entrepreneur who envisions to bring a "fresh breath" to the back then traditional Greek fragrance market, and transform it forever! Following Chemistry and then Perfumery studies in Paris, he aspires to bring truly innovative and premium experiences to the Greek consumers. For the next 7 years, AVEL partners with global Fragrance and Beauty Houses and distributes specialty ingredients for fragrances, beauty care, cosmetics and detergent ingredients focusing on quality and novelty.

  • 1990

    Team expansion

    2 more members are added to the AVEL team, a Sales Representative and a Sales Support one.

  • 1994

    Portfolio expansion

    AVEL enters the Flavors and Food ingredients product categories and hires a Sales Representative dedicated to them.

  • 1996

    New office

    AVEL moves to Pefki area in Athens, to the building that still houses it today.

  • 1998

    Expansion to export markets

    AVEL starts to export its products outside of the Greek boarders, to the countries of the ex Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). In the years to come it further expands its activities to Middle East and Northern Africa, mainly Syria, UAE and Egypt.

  • 2005

    Team expansion

    AVEL hires 2 more Sales Representatives and invests in its team's training and specialization. It has now a team of 10!

  • 2009

    Key certifications

    AVEL acquires ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and ISO 14001:2004 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM certifications.

  • 2012

    Launch of Beauty Care & Cosmetics Application Laboratory

    Committed to it customer-centric approach, AVEL invests 200.000 € and introduces a brand-new Beauty Care & Cosmetics Application Laboratory. From now, AVEL can enhance and customize even more its solutions for a major part of its client base.

  • 2014

    Expansion to export markets

    Bulgaria and Romania become export markets for AVEL. Within the next two years AVEL also expands its business in the area of Central Asia. All these markets are supported by dedicated Sales Representatives.

  • 2016


    As a move to further support its Expansion Strategy, AVEL introduces the new role of Product Manager, which is aiming, among others, at the identification of new business opportunities.

  • 2017

    AVEL's 30th birthday

    AVEL celebrates 30 years of success and growth due to its effective business model and customer orientation.
    This is also the year that AVEL enters the promising product category of Wine Additives. It now employs 15 people!

  • 2018

    Launch of Food & Taste Application Laboratory

    By investing a 200.000 €, AVEL launches a brand-new, in-house Food & Taste Application Laboratory. It shows once again its dedication to successful New Product Development and its excellent customized service through frame formulations.

  • 2020


    Avel's Team is Growing! Following the addition of New Members in Customer Service/Support, Lab Technicians and Sales Professionals has now a team of 22 people! Further Activities Expansion to Turkey and Eastern Europe