We are active in the specialty Food Ingredients category since 1994. Through partnering with reputable suppliers – Food Ingredients Houses, we provide a living range of basic to sophisticated Food Ingredients relevant to the entire food industry. Our portfolio focuses on quality and novelty and is supported by an extremely customer-centric approach, reflected in constant technical support, great possibilities for customization and insights into global trends and innovations within the Food Ingredients industry.

A step further, we can complement such Food Ingredients with most suitable Flavorings to achieve optimal food frame formulations. Investing in our own in-house Food & Taste Application Laboratory in 2017 is a true edge in our customer-centric approach.

Added-value solutions in numerous ways…

AVEL’s Food Ingredients can enhance your product in various ways: By adding taste complexity and playful textures (e.g. inclusions), by enabling health and all-natural claims (e.g. Stevia), by improving functionality in baked goods (e.g. clean label, extended shelf-life) and much much more!

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What are the right Food Ingredients for your product?

Are there too many Food Ingredients and you are not sure which are the right ones for your product? Don’t worry! We are always on your side to help you create your winning solution.

Or are you  interested in certain Food Ingredients and you don’t see them in our portfolio? Talk to our Sales Representative and we will do our best to serve your request!


Discover the different sub-categories of AVEL’s Food Ingredients and how they can successfully respond to your recipe’s needs and challenges!

Food Ingredients AVEL fruit prep 2 συστατικά τροφίμων We provide a wide variety of fruit, non-fruit and vegetable preparations suitable for dairy applications (yogurt, ice cream), bakery applications with fillings (e.g. croissant, brioche etc) and savory spreads.

Among our fruit preparations, one can find all types of fruits, from mainstream ones, like strawberry and peach, to exotic and fancy ones. Fruit pieces come in different size, structure, consistency and rheological properties. Our non-fruit preparations include all “warm-brown” directions, like caramel, toffee, vanilla, coffee, almond etc. Vegetable preparations may consist of vegetable, herb and/or spice components. All our preparations can be enriched with cereal components, like seeds and grains and other inclusions according to our client desires.

Natural Preparations represent a key part of our portfolio, while many kinds are offered also in BIO quality. Moreover, our range includes concentrates and emulsions of all fruits suitable for juice and other beverage applications.

Food Ingredients AVEL inclusions 1 συστατικά τροφίμωνTaste complexity, playful textures, mouthfeel, colors…all what you need to excite your consumers through differentiating taste experiences! Our range of inclusions consists of:


A great variety of nuts in different sizes and cuts. We produce tailor-made solutions in line with your specific requirements.


An assortment extending from the standard caramelised almond up to more sophisticated ones combined for example with ginger and sesame.

Nut Pastes

Explore our 100% natural nut pastes (hazelnut, almond, pistachio, peanut etc), available in different roasting profiles. Besides, our coffee and gianduja pastes. Our products are also offered in kosher certified and bio-organic qualities.

Biscuit Pieces

A large collection of biscuit pieces in different cuts and sizes. The granulometry of the pieces ranges from 1mm up to 15mm. They are available in numerous tastes and also with coatings.

Chocolated Coated products

We offer rice crisps, wheat crisps, and nuts in different sizes, coated with chocolate. All products are suitable for ice-cream decoration or for integration in the ice cream mass.

Fruit, Vegetable and Herb pieces

We offer all kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs in pieces (various cuts and sizes), as well as in powder form (various granulometries). They are produced either through freeze-dried or air-dried process in order to meet all possible specifications. 100% fruit pieces with no added sugar are also available, supporting corresponding clean label claims. Our fruit, vegetable and herb pieces are available also in organic qualities. In addition, in our portfolio you can find yogurt, honey and caramel powders.

Partnering with AVEL, you are assured that you have a true bakery expert on your side, not only due to our innovative solutions ranging from Functional Bakery Ingredients to Flours & Mixes, but also through our Bakery Consulting Services. Explore each of these:

1.Functional Bakery Ingredients

Food ingredients AVEL bakery ingredients 2 συστατικά τροφίμωνFlour Improvers

Our flour improves maximise the baking functionality and subsequently the taste experience of baked goods. They optimise certain dough characteristics, e.g. speed of dough rising, dough tolerance and extensibility, while improving the softness, crunchiness, volume, freshness and flavor of the end-product. Within our portfolio, one can find Flour Improvers that support clean label products. We offer a very flexible service model and can customise our solutions to our clients’ recipes.

Flour Correctors

Our range of Flour Correctors are formulated according to the different flour types and specifications. After analyzing your flour and listening to your desired technical features, we recommend the most suitable flour corrector. Our differentiating flour correctors add quality and consistency to your flour, improve its baking strength and its overall functionality in its subsequent uses. food ingredients AVEL binding agents 1 συστατικά τροφίμων

Binding Agents 

Premium-quality ingredients useful in the production of cereal bars, both sweet and savory ones. Quick and easy to process, does not need baking. We also offer a special Binding Agent for florentine mixes.

2.Flours & Mixes


Premixes are processed blends of cereals and grains (wheat, oats, cereal flakes, sunflour seeds, sesame, also fruit and vegetable bites etc) that simplify and fasten the manufacturing process of baked goods, regardless of the production scale. They also contribute to better taste, color and texture, enhancing in that way the overall taste experience of your baked goods. AVEL’s Premixes are suitable for a wide variety of finished products such as country bread, bread with cereals, rye or seeds, breakfast baked goods etc.

Cereal Blends

These are highly customized mixes of cereals, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices used in final products in order to enhance their flavor, texture and color. With an improved taste and appearance, your product is perceived of better quality and, thus, becomes more appealing to consumers. Suitable for all kind of applications e.g. rusks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, bread, pastry making and fruit preparations.

Food Ingredients Cereals συστατικά τροφίμωνCereal Bran and Fibers

This range provides controlled fiber content between 32-78%, and depending on the application and the dosage can support nutritional claims, such as “source of” or “high in fiber”. Apart from their nutritional value, AVEL’s Cereal Bran and Fibers enhance the taste experience by bringing flavor, aroma, and color to the final product.  On request, we offer also the possibility of heat treatment. Our solutions are suitable for all kind of applications such as rusks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, bread and so on.

 Roasted Cereal Flours

A great range of highly customised flours made by milling roasted cereal. It offers differentiating aromatic hints of grilled, roasted or malted hazelnut butter and a variety of color shades from light creamy to brown. AVEL’s Roasted Cereal Flours are suitable for all kind of applications, such as rusks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, bread, pastries etc.

Wheat Germs

Through a “cold press” process, we manage to perfectly stabilise wheat germ while extending its shelf-life to 12 months. We preserve all its great nutritional value in terms of vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids and dietary fibres.  Available in various granulometries, our solutions are suitable for all kind of baked applications such as rusks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, bread, pizzas and also fruit preparations.

Devitalized Yeasts

This range refers to devitalized yeasts incorporated into cereal bases, like wheat germ, roasted cereals etc. Some are blends of several pure devitalized yeasts. The range combines characteristic sourdough aromatic hints with cereal taste notes and comes in color shades from light creamy to brown-grey. AVEL’s Devitalized Yeasts offer differentiation and uniqueness to baked goods and are suitable for all kind of applications, such as rusks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, bread, pastries, fruit preparation etc.

Florentine Mixes

Our Florentine Mixes, available in a variety of colors, stand out due to their superior taste, excellent quality and ease of application. They are free-from-preservatives and, thus. suitable for clean label products. We offer a special Binding Agent for Florentine Mixes.

3.Bakery Consulting Services

Food ingredients AVEL bakery ingredients 3 συστατικά τροφίμων We offer complementary Technical and Technological bakery consulting services. Both aim to deliver top quality and safe bakery production procedures and final products. We achieve this by emphasising on cost management, production optimization (production lines), on-going staff training and compliance with good production and environmental practices.

Technical Bakery Services
  • Design and implementation of bakery and cream fillings production lines (croissants, baguettes, brioche, muffins, bake rolls, donuts, toast bread, strudel; also water-based cream fillings, like vanilla, cocoa, biscuit and champagne), by partnering with most reputable global experts.
  • Start up of new bakery and cream fillings production lines.
  • Improvement of current bakery and cream fillings production lines.
  • Staff training on GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • Introduction of cleaning methods or optimisation of the current ones.
  • Introduction or improvement of documentation in every level (R&D, production, quality control, warehouses, maintenance etc).


Food ingredients AVEL technological services συστατικά τροφίμων
Technological Bakery Services
  • Development and production of fresh and frozen dough recipes (croissants, baguettes, brioche, muffins, bake rolls, donuts, toast bread, strudel etc), as well as, cream fillings recipes suitable for all these bakery applications.
  • Production of bakery products with exceptional nutritional value, by:
    • Using our top quality food ingredients from our portfolio
    • Providing on-going staff training on important topics, such as latest production techniques, production management and organizational methods, quality control, production safety and more.

Food Ingredients AVEL - granola συστατικά τροφίμωνA wide variety of extruded crisps based on wheat, rice or corn in various sizes. Ideal for use in healthy and tasty cereal mixes and cereal/granola bars, by combining them with dried (freeze or air-dried) fruits, nuts, cereal flakes, seeds and coated crisps. Sucrose, sweeteners and protein contents can be completely customised to your exact needs.

Our Granola products can additionally bring health & wellness and clean-label benefits by allowing “no added sugar”, “low calories”, “high protein”, “high fibre” and “ancient grains” claims. Our solutions are available also in gluten-free and organic qualities (BIO). Also available in bulk or inside Top Cups for yogurt.

About our Top Cups
  • Ready-from-shelf in many sizes and shapes but also completely tailor-made to your preferences.
  • Possibility to come with aluminum foils in various colors and listing the product’s ingredients.
  • Possibility to include foldable sealed spoons internally or externally.
  • Possibility to include stickers or small collectable toys from a large collection.

Under this range, AVEL offers Stevia and Agave Syrup solutions in line with consumers’ growing demand for all-natural, non caloric and/or healthier perceived foods and beverages.


food ingredients sweeteners AVEL 1 συστατικά τροφίμωνStevia is ideal for people looking for natural, zero calorie alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is derived from a green, leafy plant native to the sub-tropical forest of South America. Steviol glycosides, mainly Stevioside and Rebaudioside A, are the active compounds responsible for Stevia’s sweet taste. AVEL offers a range of Stevia extracts highly purified in Rebaudioside A (REB.A) in different grades (60%, 80% and 97%). Further, our Stevia solutions are:

  • 100% natural, zero calorie sweeteners
  • Up to 250 times sweeter than sucrose, and with a slower onset and longer duration
  • Heat, PH and light-stable
  • Water soluble
  • Non-fermentable

Stevia is suitable for many Food and Beverage applications, like soft drinks, yogurts, chewing gum, desserts, ice cream, jams, sauces, breakfast cereals, as well as, as a sweetener and taste-masking agent for Food Supplements and Pharmaceuticals.

Try our Stevia solutions together with our Taste Modulators!

Stevia is often associated with an unpleasant bitter, licorice-like aftertaste. In order to optimise the overall taste of products containing Stevia, try it together with our Taste Modulators that effectively mask such off-notes. In that way you can deliver natural, no calorie products and also great tasting!

Agave syrup

Food ingredients AVEL agave syrup συστατικά τροφίμωνAgave is a plant that grows in large amounts in Mexico. It has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal plant, sweetener, and to make tequila.

Agave nectar, commercially known also as agave syrup, is a natural sweetener, 1.4-1.6 times sweeter than sugar and often substituting sugar or honey in recipes. It is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of low GI (glycemic index) products, since almost all of its sugar is fructose (has very little glucose, at least when compared to sugar). The taste of agave nectar is comparable to honey. It also has none of the bitter aftertaste associated with high intensity sweeteners.

Try AVEL’s agave syrup made of 100% Tequilana Weber blue agave. It is suitable for various types of applications, like beverages, pastries, cereal bars and dairy products.

AVEL food ingredients Ά ύλες τροφιμωνWe provide functional ingredients for the Food, Beverage, Food Supplements and Pharmaceutical industries. Our portfolio includes innovative ingredients, derived from natural sources, to further develop the body‘s ability to protect and manage the individual’s health. We deliver clinically proven nutritional benefits of green tea antioxidants, stress reducing amino acids, soluble dietary fiber, vitamin and mineral delivery systems and other natural ingredients.

Let’s discuss your needs and challenges, and identify the right solution(s) for you!