Have you ever wondered how powerful your sense of smell is in perceiving the world around you? Just remember when you last smelled a freshly baked chocolate cake, the mud after rain, a new book, the sea breeze, freshly grounded coffee beans, a wine cellar, the skin of a beloved one…What you experienced was way more than a sole scent…it was a spectrum of associations, emotions and vivid memories that unconsciously flooded back through that specific scent.

It is said that we experience life through our noses, and it is true…that is why the sense of smell is so fascinating!

Smell is a decisive criteria of how people choose fine fragrances and everyday products, like shower gels and fabric softeners. Besides, today’s consumers have become more demanding than ever when it comes to fragrances due to the globalisation, technological revolution and intense market competition.

Smelling just good is not enough anymore!

Products should smell better and different. They may also need to smell fresh, natural or like clean laundry. They may be expected to make users feel happy or at home. Fine fragrances need to be unique, original, and express their user’s mood and even personality! As a result of these high and complex consumers’ expectations,  producers today need really to identify what their consumers desire utmost and provide fragrances that stand out of the crowd.

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“We are dedicated to providing wonderful scents that enchant people”.

We represent exclusively a world’s leading Fragrance House to offer most effective and differentiating scent solutions.

Every single fragrance in our portfolio is the outcome of the close collaboration of top Fragrance Industry’s expects: It all starts with consumer and market research that through the principle “blending local expertise with global trends” provides us with what consumers really want and need. These strategic insights are then translated by creative Perfumers into unique fragrance compositions using most novel molecule discoveries. All AVEL’s fragrances are described by a proprietary Olfactive Language allowing best guidance during briefing, as well as, great possibilities for scent profile differentiation.

At AVEL, we understand deeply the complexity of fragrance development and diversity of consumers’ expectations.

Next to a library of ready-to-use fragrances, we are able to co-create tailor-made solutions that combine the right Scent Profiles and Fragrance Technologies to meet all our clients’ requirements. A step further, we can combine our Fragrances with most suitable raw materials for Beauty Care & Cosmetics or Detergents & Other Industrial Productsto provide optimal frame formulations. Running an in-house Beauty Care & Cosmetics Application Laboratory since 2012 is a true edge in our customer-centric Fragrance approach.

Service model

As part of our service model, we support our clients throughout the product’s entire lifetime cycle. We also proactively advise on most suitable Scent Profiles in line with their brand’s positioning and local consumers’ preferences, and also bring inspiration through latest Fragrance global trends and industry innovations.


“Let’s partner and co-create memorable scent experiences for the most desired brands!”

Our fragrances are key components in many of the world’s exquisite perfumes and best-known everyday consumer brands! By partnering with AVEL you get access to a modern portfolio of Scent Profiles and Fragrance Technologies, outcomes of creativity, scientific expertise and market awareness. Our portfolio is constantly renewed, bringing global trends to your doorstep and offering new sensorial experiences.


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Whether you are looking for a jasmine’s truly natural scent, the scent of a clean laundry, the abstract scent of an exotic holiday destination or the most elegant and sophisticated scent for a high-end perfume, at AVEL we have it ALL! What drives to a large extent the quality and novelty of our Scent Profiles is our investment in Naturals.


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Discover how AVEL’s breakthrough Fragrance Technologies can add value to the performance and perception of your Fragrance! Learn more about our Anti-Malodor, Fragrance Encapsulation and Polymer Encapsulation technologies.

fragrances naturals 2 αρώματαWhat drives to a large extent the quality and novelty of our Scent Profiles is our investment in Naturals. Many of our fragrances are inspired, mimic or capture the nature. We achieve this by applying breakthrough analytical techniques on “living” plants, flowers, leaves and fruits. Also by composing fragrances with 100% pure botanicals, such as essential oils, concretes and absolutes, all sustainably sourced and extracted. It is these “haute-couture” natural ingredients that are behind AVEL’s most authentic, intriguing and hedonic fragrances!

fragrances anti-malodor technology αρώματαRe-assures that mal-odors are not perceived and can be combined with the fragrance to provide outstanding results.

fragrances AVEL 9 αρώματαThis technology promises to achieve long lasting performance and controlled release of the fragrance. The Encapsulation Technology is applicable in Detergent applications, for example fabric softeners, liquid detergents etc and Personal Wash applications, for example bar soaps, liquid soaps, shower gels & shampoos.

fragrances polymer encapsulation technology αρώματαAn exclusive technology allowing direct scent delivery and fragrance addition to any type of plastic product. Available in many resin types, reassures scent release over time in products you would not even imagine! Plastic razor or toothbrush handles, garbage bags, fabric sachets, promotional items and more.


Our Fragrances are suitable for all applications you can imagine. For example:

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Fine Fragrances/ Perfumes

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Beauty Care & Cosmetics

e.g. hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, oils, gels etc.), skin care products (shower gels, deodorants, lotions etc) and sun care products (sunscreens etc.)

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Fabric Care, Detergents & Other Industrial Products

e.g. fabric care products (detergents, fabric softeners), home care products (toiletries, air-fresheners, floor cleaners) etc.

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for fragrance development

Let’s discuss your needs and challenges, and identify the right solution(s) for you!